“Assholes ruin everything”


This is incredibly true and is exactly what’s happening in America today.

Most people just want to improve their lives, but some aren’t happy unless everyone else is miserable.

The middle class in America was finally beginning to see their dreams come true until a handful of assholes (1%’ers) decided that they could not tolerate this kind of happiness. So they used their enormous “wealth” to destroy this prosperity by buying up (increasing the price) of just about everything that made middle class life possible (affordable housing, education, basic necessities, and employment).

They were able to pull it off because the average person DOES NOT UNDERSTAND how law and money work together synergistically to create leverage that is unstoppable and unbreakable.

What we the people don’t understand can and is being used, without mercy, against us.

One comment

  1. And in part 2 of the tale, the people become wise and break the system. Look around you. Have so many people ever been this annoyed at people whose identities they had knowledge of? It is just a matter of time before extermination, on way or the other.


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