How to Change the World on Independence Day – The Struggle of Our Times


How to Change the World on Independence Day – One Habit at a Time

Happy Independence Day everyone – not in celebration of a war that none of us fought or even know for sure why it was fought, but in celebration of the struggle for independence that’s raging all over the world today. A struggle by individuals against gangs of criminals, masquerading as governments and corporations. A struggle between love and hate, hope and nihilism. Truth and lies, and integrity versus hypocrisy.

In honor of that ongoing struggle, I ask you to consider some words I wrote to explore the true nature of independence, blame, and personal responsibility. In the end, independence is not about words or ideas, but whether or not we act on them.

Habits are what make or break every one of us – not the Illuminati.

We are what we do every day. We do what we believe and we tend to believe what we see.

It used to be that our habits were formed by what we saw around us in our homes and in our neighborhoods. That changed with the advent of radio and TV.

Our homes and hearts were invaded by others, each determined to sell us anything and everything we want or need. Until they realized they could sell us something far more powerful [lies] to persuade us to believe we needed things that we didn’t and vice versa — always something else, something more, but NEVER what we really need.

We believed them and wound up with a life full of toxic nonsense, but otherwise empty.


We all want to change the world, but now more than ever, I see that’s impossible unless and until we change what we do and what we see – our habits are what make or break us, not the Illuminati. We must make it a habit to do what we need to do for ourselves and for our families, regardless of what we see around us.

We must break the old destructive habits we learned from all the foolish monkeys around us, and the only way to do so is to replace them with habits that are good for us and for humanity. It is then that our habits will be seen and adopted by others and only then that the world will begin to see change, because we are what we do every day. We do what we believe and we believe what we see.

If we want to change the world, we must change what we do. Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey do, monkey see.


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