The Greatest Threat to Humanity


Not ISIS, nor Al Qaeda (not by a long shot) and not even money. I’ve thought about this a number of times, often coming up with similar conclusions that revolve around Satan’s specialty – lies. But I have come to conclude that willful denial is in fact the one thing that will prove fatal to humanity, because even as all the lies on earth are crumbling before our very eyes, and we are faced with the terrifying truth that we are destroying our planet and ourselves by our daily actions, we remain paralyzed by that one giant obstacle that  prevents any and all progress – willful denial. Stupidity commands it. We know exactly what’s happening but we don’t do anything about it until it’s too late.

“Only when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned
and the last fish been caught
will we realise we cannot eat money”

Cree Indian Proverb


there is no planet b

So the question is, will you do something about it? If so, what and when?

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