Representative Gov’t is for Chumps – Americans need Self-Determination through Direct-Democracy

Representative Govt is for chumps

Let’s start from the end: representative government is an abject failure. Screw it. We need self-determination through direct democracy.

Now, let me walk you through it.

All power springs from knowledge and control.

There is no power without control and there is no control without that which commands it – knowledge.

Command control over yourself and your surroundings through broad based knowledge and you are self-governed and powerful.

Take commands from someone else and you’ve relinquished your power.

Monopoly (over anything other than self and personal possessions) is an unnecessary and unjust control. It results in imbalance of power.

Americans have relinquished all their power to four distinct monopolies – one political, one informational, one industrial (each in every sector), and the fourth and most pervasive and powerful – monetary. All of the above inform and direct our values and in turn our priorities.

The indoctrinated belief in the legitimacy of our political system (representative republic) justifies the transfer of our rule-making power to an “elected” centralized government (monopoly), which creates an intricate series of physical, social, and economic barriers and levers that tighten control over us all and our resources, with the purported goal of representing our interests, both domestically and internationally.

bait and switchFrom this lawmaking monopoly springs a bastard child, the most powerful and pervasive monopoly of them all – the private, centralized, and unelected monetary system, whose interests (and reach) are global in nature. It is both virtually and practically unaccountable.

Meanwhile, the indoctrinated belief in our economic system (free market finance capitalism) paves the way to transfer control over all our economic and industrial, power to a so-called “free” market of unelected, privately owned commercial interests (corporations) who, by law, pursue the interests of their owners, first and foremost, and through finance continually consolidate market power.

The biggest and most important of these monopolies is the media because it commands our attention and informs our decisions.

As time goes by the market becomes less and less “free” as power becomes more and more concentrated because laws permitting “campaign finance” create a juggernaut of power and control, where government, media, industry, and money, all combine to reinforce each other’s interests and powers – what Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex.


All our problems stem from centralized control over everything – money, media, industry, agriculture and commerce, and its disastrous consequences, extreme concentrations of power with its obscene abuses.

Our problems can only be solved by decentralizing control over all these things and redistributing power.

To accomplish this we must first decentralize control over money creation and end the need for campaign finance by retaking control over our media.

Return the power to issue money directly to the people of each state and end the bait and switch – return control over our channels of information to the people so we may directly control our own governments.


  1. Democracy is a big mistake, and the founders of this nation knew it, because it eventually boils down to mob rule, where the most popular orator, or in our modern case, the media, is able to sway the opinions of an unenlightened majority toward their favor.

    The only thing wrong with out present system of government is the people it governs, namely Americans, who were warned many times that they need to remain “eternally vigilant” if they wanted to keep their freedom, or as Ben Franklin put it; “it’s a republic, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT”.

    Lazy, gullible, and uninformed Americans see that out government is corrupt, tyrannical, and a threat to our very lives, but informed Americans realize that the politicians are only doing what all politicians can be expected to do, and it’s the apathy of the American people that’s allowed them to run roughshod over our Bill of Rights, and steal the resources that legally belong to the American people.

    Before anyone condemns the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they need to understand that we’ve NEVER seen them enacted as written.


    • I disagree. People may be born ignorant but it’s the task of a civilized society to teach everyone the skills and tools they need to access all available human knowledge with the aim of effectively participating in the advancement, enrichment and enlightenment of society, not so they can simply maintain the status quo.

      You don’t rule out democracy because society has failed to teach its people to think and act intelligently. You fix the systems of learning and establish channels of information that give people open access to full and honest information.

      The majority of people just want to live and let live, in peace, prosperity and security, and will choose to embrace rules that further those aims if the consequences and implications of those rules (and their alternatives) are fully, honestly and clearly explained to them.

      We need to take back control of our channels of information and restore the independent integrity of our systems of learning.
      Take money out of media and education.


      • How stunningly ignorant you are
        ” it’s the task of a civilized society to teach everyone the skills and tools they need to access all available human knowledge ”

        Here’s a clue. It’s not possible to have a meaningful conversation with the 40 odd percent of people with IQ’s of less than 95, such as yourself.


    • Before you begin recommending direct democracy, you should sue one. That’s what I did. Now I have about eight pages of evidence of corruption in the federal, state and city governments and in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government.


  2. To advocate any form of government (control of mind) is to advocate theft and slavery, not self-determinism. All that exists in reality are living men and women; all “institutions” and currencies are only imaginary fictions. Quit ALL of your cults!

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    • People don’t need government, but we need fair smart rules that respect human freedom and dignity, and help people live in harmony with each other and nature. Self-government is the only kind of government I support.


  3. Democracy is the road to dictatorship/oligarchy. It *has always been* ever transient, since the beginning of history.

    What REALLY needs to happen in the USA is that “The Constitution for the United States of America” of 1791 needs to be restored, AND OBEYED; Also that the populace needs to protect it this next time around, instead of letting it be thrown into the woodchipper like they have.

    But I know that will never happen.


      • Monopoly? Monopoly is just the absence of competition or variety.

        It’s been well known and repeated by numerous historical scholars that democracy never lasts and eventually evolves into any flavor of tyrannical rule.

        It is what it is.


  4. Every democracy in history has failed. One flaw is anyone can be elected. When in actuality, you need intelligence to rule. With a Democracy money rules. There is not necessarily intelligence when money, lawyers, etc get elected to govern. Most elected officials come from Lawyers, or Corporate backed shysters. Now, we know the reputation of Lawyers, and, any Corporate backed candidate is beholden to the advancement of the Corporation first. The country will come last. Democracy is doomed to failure. Look at the historical track record. Just look at our country. The USA!


    • In truth, the only reason despotism exists is the apathy we see in those eyes reflected back from the mirror. If we are to get back on the right path, we need to accept that our laziness, our despondency into a new slave caste designated “consumers” and the ALLOWING OURSELVES TO BELIEVE THE WORLD COULD FIT INSIDE A 3 X 5 I handheld device are the problem.

      We need to take responsibility and recognize this happened because we allowed it to happen. It is no ones fault but our own. We are the blame. We are the cause. Once we accept that we will be half way down the road to restoring the “rule of law”, and ending the “ruse of law”.

      Politicians , presidents, governors, senators – they are not our leaders. They are our employees. The commons, according to the constitution rules the USA. We are the owners. We are the ruling body politic. Not those CSPAN dandies that need to get a real job. We are the producers of wealth, we are not consumers.

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    We get to that we also need to get rid of electronic voting. Working in government should be a duty, tedious and boring. If we need a face in DC, it’s only purpose would be to word any amendments to be approved by us, They get the bad luck of the draw to have to to that stuff through a system similar to the one used to get jurors. They don’t need to be elected. We should strike all laws not part of the original constitution, except for eminent domain. We don’t need any agencies except maybe for a different of of DoS (to help us manage international trade). Don’t mint forest and national parks services, except for a while, they were selling off part of those assets to rich foreigners to develop golf courses – hence – the need to retain eminent domain.

    Most people are not aware that Senators used to be elected by state houses. The change to direct election of senators, the establishment of of the FED, IRS, income tax and America’s entry into WWI, after the UK had agreed in principal to a gentlemen’s surrender to Germany, is best explained by Benjamin Freeman at SweetLiberty dot org. Also, read Smedley Butlers “War is a Racket”.

    Also interesting is a video you can find searching on: Flight Attendant Drops Bombshells! Mind Blowing Proof!

    Keep you heads low and eyes on the horizon, skynet’s on and the kill drones are flying

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    • The problem with the direct election of senators is (1) lack of full and honest information because all campaigns go through Madison venue and special interest corporations – senators are more like corporate owned trade names than they are Independent lawmakers; and (2) there must be term limits. No one should be permitted to spend their whole lives in office.


      • Maybe we should start examine ways to convince the puppets inout institutions need to have their strings cut. They write weird quasi “laws” under the ruse of law to suit a particular moment or fat pocket ripoff K-Street pimp. The emergency bill they need to write would instruct our uniformed and civil service rank and file to choose a leadership team. The military can take over any legal intelligence work now, through illegal means, performed by wildcat institutions like the DHS, NSA, CIA – we don’t need soys we need business and innovation.

        These temporary rank and file structured agencies will set up liaisons with our trading partners and keep them from panicking.

        In the emergency bill, the last bill they will enact, they will include provisions for all political class employees, elected/selected/Appointed to surrender their passports, licenses and assets, and surrender to a temporary provisional government, whose length of service will be determined by out rand and file agency leaders and the Commons. that their “last bill” will also structure. Understand – our rank and file employees – in truth – do a lll the work anyway – the politicians just wait for the Genocide Bank Bag Men to deliver the goodies and get powdered to lie on CPSAN.

        They will submit to house arrest courtesy of the Commons until the provisional authority is retired, and the constitution restored.
        If the soon to resign politicos snitch on a Wall Street Pimp Banker or Genocide Banker – they’ll get more favorable treatment when their case is heard.

        To make it easy on them they can eliminate the death penalty – ban it – so America can finally be a civilized community. We don’t wand to be vindictive – we, the Commons, only want the restoration of the rule of law.

        Look at what the politico ill of heart see when they look out the windows of the offices in the buildings, that we, the Commons, provide for them: They should see, if vanity has not totally blinded them, 300 Million Bad Ass Americans ready to storm the Bastille, and to hell with civility – that is what anyone in their situation whose false sense of exceptionalism has destroyed the survival instinct would see.


        They are but a grain of sand on the beach compared to us in the commons. The soldiers, the rank and file, and most of our community police will side with us.

        The weak CSPAN dandies the Diebolds selected only need to understand how precarious their situation is. We, the Americans, were bred, condition to be blood letting mass murderers – they should understand they’ll get what we paid for – there is no alternate. Their last swan song has ended and they need to start worrying about, if not their own safety, the the the safety of family and friend if the politicos can even muster that kind of relationship.

        We are the power. We, by law, rule. Politicals are hired to execute our mandates using our authorities – but as of late – they have lost their way – confuse themselves with divinities, or nobility – the worst kind of narcisstic dominion heresies have made them ill.


  6. Great article, I have been saying the same thing for years. But what you don’t mention is the solution or method of direct democracy. I have a solution, it is a single, simple change in our government. Create an amendment that requires ALL laws at all government levels be put to a vote to pass and the citizens of the nation vote, no congressional members vote. Much like referendums do now. The vote must be a majority of well over 50% and not voting is the same as a ‘no’ vote.
    Result, the congress can write laws with thousands of pages and obviously not get it passed. No one will read them. Change should be slow as it always effects people in different and not always good ways. As for the legitimacy of the votes, they can be checked by citizens called upon like they are in jury duty to validate votes. All votes can be receipted so they can be verified and still maintain privacy. The validators must get 100% confirmation on votes or another vote round will have to be established.
    At local levels the system will be more efficient, at the national level changes will be slow, and therefor will be well debated before voting takes place. More important, any national laws will take time and effort to make major changes and therefor the people be well informed and very likely to vote ‘yes’ on laws the public majority wants. Law makers in congress will be forced to heed to the people and not be bought anymore as unpopular laws will have no chance of passing. Only truly wanted laws by the people will stand a chance and true freedom and democracy will have a chance to reign.

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  7. DIrect democracy is an invitation to disaster, and especially in today’s cultural climate, it is a sure-fire way to see the tyranny of the majority (50.1%) enforce its will over against the minority (49.9%). No thank you.

    We do not have a Constitutional Republic any more, but an oligarchy of the obscenely rich and the politicians who toady up to them. We either return to the Articles of Confederation, or continue our slow slide into tyranny, which will end in anarchy. Direct Democracy just speeds up the descent into anarchy.


  8. information communication technologies can enable an ideal democracy,
    both through open information and engagement with social affairs.
    and this is of course why these technologies are wriggling with State parasites.

    but an open source, distributed, collaborative platform likely utilizing blockchain technology is possible,
    that is to say a formal democracy on your smartphone handset.

    i have been focusing in my own work on the potential for simulation technologies to help to coordinate toward ideal ends that are graphically represented and that are real-time sensitive to actions and intentions of other users.
    the idea here is that the software allows people to chose for themselves how they would like their world to look,
    and to see – graphically – where they fit in and how they may act to enact that ideal world.

    i have a draft paper on the use of simulations in enabling an open democracy at my page if you want to check it out.

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  9. Sounds good to me. Representative government was essential in 1783 because it took 5 days to travel to the seat of government by horse and wagon. Thanks to the Internet and texting, it’s possible for people to give instantaneous feedback on their views. If it works for American Idol, why can’t it work for government?

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