Everything you know about Islam you learned from the media


Everything you know about Islam you learned from the internet or the mainstream media. Admit it and you’ll realize you know nothing.

The truth is, we only truly know about things if we’ve experienced it first hand or heard it from individuals who we know well and have reason to trust. The best way to learn the truth about someone or something is to cut out the corporate-owned middleman and learn about it through direct experience.

The only way to learn about each others true values is to interact with each other directly about the things that matter to us most.

I’m not on this god forsaken internet because I have nothing better to do. Sure, I’m here to learn new things and share my knowledge and experience. But in the process, I’m doing something far more invaluable – I’m getting to know you and you’re getting to know me. I’m countering the hate and the fear spewed by the mainstream media by building bridges of trust and understanding.


  1. Islam is the closest religion to Judaism. If you take Mohammad out of Islam, what is left is Judaism, almost all their religious laws are the same. Sharia law copies Halacha law. Jews and Moslems got along beautifully until Israel replaced the original inhabitants of Palestine who were treated exactly the same way the American Indians were treated and much worse.
    Islam, like Christianity, accepts the Jewish Bible and is based largely upon Jewish ideas and traditions. The philosophical underpinnings of Islam, however, are more closely aligned with those of Judaism. Whereas Christianity incorporates the idea of the “trinity,” Islam believes in one all-powerful, infinite God.
    Mohammed, the founder of Islam, based many of his beliefs on the practices of local Jewish population in his native Mecca. For example, the Moslem practices of not eating pig, circumcision, daily prayer and fasting during the first month of the year were all culled directly from Judaism.

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  2. Actually, everything I learned about Islam I learned from Muslims. That’s why it’s so scary.

    Islam is a death cult. Its believers pursue policies that are inimical to Western liberal values. Stuff like people being equal. That violence is not the way to solve disputes. That it isn’t appropriate to kill someone because they think differently than you.

    I spent nearly a dozen years in London, saw the city turn into little Mecca. I saw how sharia started being imposed by the Muslim community on not only themselves but all Brits.

    Don’t want to lug around heavy kegs of beer? Claim you’re a Muslim, claim it’s haram to do so, and watch as a employments tribunal rules that you don’t have to do the work, but the store has to pay you as if you did.

    Non-halal meat served at private schools? RIOT! Enforce noise rules for the call to prayer? DISCRIMINATION! Expect me to act like a Brit, get off the dole, and actually assimilate? ISLAMAPHOBIA!!!

    Islam is a cancer. I’ve seen how it is killing the UK. How quickly will it kill Europe? America? How long before the 21st century looks like the 9th? All religions are false. But the adherents to this particular false religion are simply the most dangerous we have in the world today

    Not much different than either Judaism or Christianity? When’s the last time the pope ordered someone’s death?


    • PatricknotUK, I find your “experience” with Muslims rather hard to believe. Funny, you have no last name, you don’t mention a specific town, a specific time, or a specific store at which your so called claim of discrimination took place. Yours is simply an excellent example of how easy it is to spread lies and hate through the media.


      • No last name? Stewart.

        Specific town? London (the third paragraph, where I say I spent nearly a dozen years in London should have been a dead giveaway).

        Specific time? 2001 to 2012.

        Store? M&S.

        Reading comprehension fail, by the way. I didn’t receive discrimination, I was recounting a story heard all too often in London, how muslims fail to serve/sell/carry alcohol, and receive no punishment for it.

        Like here: nydailynews.com/news/world/muslim-employee-london-store-refuses-sell-alcohol-article-1.1556209. Was she fired? No. Reassigned. To soft toys or some tosh. Anyone not a muslim would be fired. But not in “modern” Britain.

        In a way, you’re like any muslim. Cry discrimination, cry islamaphobia, cry and cry until your host country slowly become like little mecca.

        I’m pointing out the things that I have actually seen. With my own two eyes, not in the media. With my own two eyes. I’ve seen muslims be benefits scroungers, personally. Seen them on the square calling for sharia, personally. If anything, the media is not pointing these things out enough.

        The beeb and other media is too scared to say it, but ask any Brit and they’ll tell you the truth. The UK may not need to be christian, but it sure as hell can’t be muslim.


  3. If Christians actually practiced their religion, that is to say, the teachings of Jesus Christ, they would have few differences with devout Muslims.


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