Disaffected ISIS “defectors” hailing from Europe and Australia, unhappy with pay


Amazing how the New York Times and their handlers expect us to swallow these half truths as if it’s gospel. Trouble is this narrative makes no sense whatsoever. It completely contradicts everything we were “taught” to believe about ISIS – that’s it’s an ideological group, allegedly devoted to Islam and striking terror into the hearts of “the infidels.” In reality, it’s clear that these jokers are disaffected mercenaries who were either duped into it or in it for the money:

“58 defectors, nine of them from Western Europe and Australia, have gone public with their testimonies since last year, according to a report to be published Monday by the International Center for the Study for Radicalization at King’s College London.

According to the report, some of the defectors said they disapproved of the Islamic State’s hostility to other Sunni rebel groups that opposed President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and its indiscriminate killings of civilians and hostages. Others grew weary of what they saw as favoritism and mistreatment by commanders, or were disappointed that the life of a militant was far less exciting, or lucrative, than they had imagined. Two left after they found out that they had been selected as suicide bombers.”

Oh, so the 72 virgins wasn’t enticing enough? LOL!

The researchers urged governments to give defectors more incentives to speak out so that their narratives could be used to dissuade potential recruits. The 58 defectors, seven of them women, spoke on separate occasions to various news organizations, including The New York Times, and the report compiles their testimony while providing context and analysis.

ISIS now wants monetary incentives? Sounds a lot like American corporations!

“A lot of people when they come, they have a lot of enthusiasm about what they’ve seen online or what they’ve seen on YouTube,” he said. “It’s not all military parades, or it’s not all victories.”

The fighter said he saw a couple being stoned to death for adultery, and considered that just, but he did not approve of aid workers, journalists and other noncombatants being beheaded.

“My main reason for leaving was that I felt that I wasn’t doing what I had initially come for and that’s to help in a humanitarian sense the people of Syria,” he said. “It had become something else — so, therefore, no longer justified me being away from my family.”

It ought to be pretty obvious by now that ISIS was conjured up from the board rooms of madison avenue and falsely advertised to a large segment of useful idiots in the west who believed they were going to the Middle East to help fellow muslims and enforce sharia law (in Muslim countries), only to discover that they were shipped over there to wreak havoc and chaos on the local populations. Obviously, some of the recruits have been quite good at it. This article, and its “exclusive interviews” is damage control – trying to spin the stories of the large numbers of defectors who are now returning.


  1. ISIS now wants monetary incentives?Maybe TAX BREAKS included!!! Sounds a lot like American corporations! America is number ONE terrorist and a major threat to humanity the faster we organize an Armed internal insurgency the quicker we bury the evil doer United states of terrorists!


  2. What should you do with a so called Muslim who takes up arms against fellow Muslims, while working indirectly for the United States and Israel ? I say you need a counter-army to find everyone of those useful idiots and convert them by the sword caliphate-style or terminate them post haste. Once that is done, roll that army south and take out the sheikhs and princes, who worship Israel while quoting the Quran.


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