Your Money or Your Life: Mass Shootings and White Skin


The following is an excerpt from a reasonable analysis of mass shootings in America, and why the perpetrator is more often than not white.

The author makes some very good points. I’ve highlighted what I think is most important — and it’s not their white skin. I’m not denying that racism exists. It most certainly does. But the most virulent and dangerous kind of racism is not the run of the mill kind you find on the streets, but the supremacism you find at the highest levels of corporations and governments.

When most people think of violence, they think of isolated physical attacks, often with weapons, like guns or knives.

But the truth is, white, brown, or black, we’re all under attack, every day, and the weapon of choice is not guns, but unrestrained money and control over land and property.

“Capitalism requires a survival-of-the-fittest mindset. It is an economic system built of bullying the weakest and most resource-poor among us. Your value is directly proportional to how much wealth, power and status you have. And if you’re not one of these elites, you don’t even get to make autonomous decisions for your taxes, community and even your body: everything has to have a profit motive. That includes the systems of privatization of our commons, our schools, our roadways and water. That which we value, that which we own collectively ultimately has no value if it cannot be commoditized.


When you consider the plight of our white working-class, you [understand] the death struggle.

Little wonder, then, that human beings are scratching and clawing for relevance and recognition. That there are guns involved is incidental. And we can regulate the sale and registration of guns all day long, but so long as human beings have no value unless it’s relative to capitalism, we will continue to witness mass murders in our public spaces.”

And genocide among nations.


  1. Yeah, right. Conveniently ignores the last two Public Mass Shooting perps were black, and that the one of most notorious (VA Tech) was asian.


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