The TRUTH about Money, if you can handle it

Money is unnecessary.

“Investors” who have nothing but money, have nothing to offer, but just that – money.

There is nothing, sweet, nutritious, or inherently useful or powerful about money.

It’s what money represents that’s important.

Without exception, EVERYTHING that money promises, it cannot alone deliver — unless its lure can persuade someone or ones to do it or allow it.


Thus, money’s only use and purpose is TO ENTICE PEOPLE, and thereby control them.

Money is a legal fiction – a promise that someone, someday will “pay” – either in labor or in goods.

In short, money is a contract.


Its value is all in our heads – in our “confidence” or ability to “trust” that that promise will be kept, either out of need or out of greed. It’s always one of them.

But of the two, people’s NEED is, by far, less risky and more reliable than their greed, as it guarantees a “demand” for money, thereby increasing its “value.”

Therefore, NEED (and by extension scarcity) is what keeps the engine of capitalism turning because only those who NEED it will do or give ANYTHING to get it.

Thus, those who have money, become more and more demanding, and less and less forgiving as to what they will “permit” those who need it to do.


They now have our POWER – because we gave it to them.

So when they say there is “no money” for our schools or our healthcare, or for our roads and our bridges, what they really mean is they don’t want us to spend our time and our energy, and the resources of this planet that we all live on — doing anything to benefit ourselves.

They want us to serve THEM.

And like good little boys and girls we believe this fairy tale of “no funds” and “no money” when really the only thing stopping us from doing everything we need and everything our hearts desire is our inability to imagine a different world, and our unwillingness to coordinate, organize, and cooperate with one another, based on faith, not in the “strength” of the “dollar,” or “the police,” or “the courts,” or “the military,” but in ourselves and our commitment to each other.

The moment that we trust in each other, this nonsense will end and the true battle to regain control over our lives and this world will begin. Until then it’s a non starter. There’s no fight, because we’re giving in before we begin.

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