Capitalism 101

You don’t know jack about capitalism unless or until you can answer the following questions about how capitalism starts and how it ends:
What is money? [A unit used to measure value, control people, and allocate resources]
What is valuable? [Anything to anyone.]
Who decides what’s valuable? [Those who control money]
How is money created? [From thin air, by private banks]
What happens when there’s too much money? [prices for everything go up]
What happens when there’s not enough? [everything grinds to a halt – jobs dry up, people stop spending – depression]
What do people do with money? [accumulate property and control resources – people, land and stuff]
How much private property is enough? [currently, there are no limits, and everything public is being auctioned off]
What happens when everything on earth is privately owned? [everyone else is f*&%d]
So before you cheer for capitalism, think about the consequences. What you think is your friend, is really your avowed enemy, from the outset.


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