KEN O’KEEFE: the ‘GIFT’ of 9/11


O’Keefe is fast becoming one of the most prominent leaders in the fight against global financial tyranny. Though he can be a bit hot headed, his brilliance and fearless sincerity make him impossible to ignore and a growing threat to the status quo. Coming out of nowhere, with a voice that’s crystal clear, O’Keefe is the equivalent of a white, Irish Malcolm X.

He knows exactly what the problem is and they’re furiously trying to silence him.

O’Keefe told his audiences that we won’t solve our biggest problems until we understand that we have been subjugated by an international financial system that concentrates power in the hands of an ultra-rich and very shadowy elite. And this elite routinely uses war as a tool to increase its power.

“I’ve travelled all over this world, and we are all basically the same,” he said in his first Toronto talk. “We don’t want war. But we have war – all the time. Why? Because the bankers run the world, and war is the best thing for them. Not only does it provide more profits for them but more importantly it divides people. What can divide people more than killing each other?”

“If you ask me, the bankers rule the world,” O’Keefe said in Montreal. “They have an infinite supply of money, and with that they have bought everything and everyone that can be bought. And they punish those with honor and integrity, and they reward pedophiles, immoral psychopaths and sociopaths. They want to be gods; they want total control.”

As O’Keefe argues, one of the mechanisms for transferring wealth and power from the masses to the ruling elite is through the use of contrived wars. These wars depend on deceptions for whatever public support they receive. And one of the key ways we are deceived into supporting wars is through the false flag.

“Every major war is started and engineered almost always with a false flag,” he said. “Who do the politicians work for? They work for the fucking bankers.”

Of course, the most important false flag in recent decades was the supposed “terrorist attack” of 9/11. O’Keefe calls this event a “gift” for the world because its sheer scope exposed how the elite use deception to justify their wars. He says this false flag was so big and so obvious that is has led many to become aware of this tactic and to see through the real reasons for war.

“Fifteen years ago nobody knew what a false flag was,” he said.

They wanted a New Pearl Harbor, and they got it, but they also got something else – a worldwide window, so big and so clear, it has exposed their machinations, and left them with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from themselves. Call it irony or karma – but the truth has a way of revealing itself.


UPDATE: Many thanks to Craig McKee, author of the above excerpt and the article from which it comes. He covers a lot more ground than I did here, and it’s essential reading. In depth reporting and analysis like his are invaluable in our struggle to keep abreast of everything that’s happening in the world, at break neck speed.


  1. You have used a chunk of my article on O’Keefe on Truth and Shadows without giving me credit (other than the link). I’d appreciate it if you could rectify this. Thank you.


    • Sorry about that. I blog on the side, so don’t usually get formal with credits but I always use quotation marks and link to the original source. I’m out right now but will add something in the text tonight. Great article, by the way. Very informative. Peace.


  2. Thank you, Rasha. I noticed you put the link in there – much appreciated. You know, for me it’s not about ego, it’s about making sure the reader can place the text in some kind of context. Thanks for sharing the info.

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    • Thank you, for a really thorough and thoughtful article. I wish I had time to write the kind of in depth analysis you offer in your piece, especially the information regarding their efforts to silence him. These are very scary times. The world as we know it appears to be imploding.


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