More money than God: hedge fund manager “richer than many countries”

Of course, this is pure nonsense. God has no need for money or people. God says be and it is.

People on the other hand need something to get others to do what they will. Absent a gun, or some other source of brute power, that something is money.

The following illustrates how money can make a handful of people believe they are gods, picking and choosing their private henchmen to lead our governments. The question is why do the rest of us go along with it?

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shares a laugh with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during an event in Chicago
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shares a laugh with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during an event in Chicago, Illinois June 11, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Young

James Simons and Kenneth Griffin were the world’s top two hedge fund managers in 2015. Each made $1.7 billion last year alone, and have used their massive wealth to bankroll the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel, the Guardian reported.

Simons is the 50th richest person in the world, according to Forbes. The mathematician has made an estimated $15.5 billion as CEO of the Renaissance Technologies hedge fund, and is individually richer than many countries.

I wonder why (or how) one man can make so much “money.”

Could the fact that he knows a lot about numbers have something to do it? You bet your life it does.

With his command of numbers (and a little help from computer algorithms) he’s able to leverage the perceptions (and, in turn, efforts) of large swathes of humanity, and through the magic of fiat money, direct them.

In short, he directs how people will act, at any given time, based on certain incentives. Then he scoops up whatever lays in the gaps in their perception. It’s like a game of 3 card Monte – the street hustler wins because most people don’t see what he’s doing, because they’re distracted by so many little things.


There’s really nothing ingenious about it, when you understand the game they’re playing. It’s just a guessing game of numbers, in a big, life-like casino, where there are only a handful of players and the rest of us are either chips, or cards (read: chumps and minions).



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