The Day Israel attacked America

Americans are busy obsessing over the latest terror attack, blamed on “islamic terrorists.” But few remember the day Israel attacked America, intending to blame it on Egyptians. But Isrealis failed to get rid of all the witnesses, so they’ve been trying their darnedest, ever since, to bury them in a sea of forgotten history.

“Nobody really knew what was happening until they started firing…”

“When the attack started, and we realized we needed help, we tried to communicate with the 6th fleet” … 

“They were jamming both our distress frequencies and our tactical frequencies. The tactical frequencies is alright, but the international distress frequencies, it’s a violation of international law to jam them and the israelis were jamming them

“We could not get a signal … here’s the question I have to ask – who would know the frequencies, other than an ally? And who was the ally in the war? It wasn’t Egypt. It was Israel.”


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