I’m a Socialist, and you’re a Socialist too!


I’m a socialist

He’s a socialist

She’s a socialist too

If you live in houses

Have a shower and a loo

The bloke who built ‘em, and

I suspect his wife’s a socialist too

Cause if you live in houses, mate

You’re a socialist too


I’m a socialist

He’s a socialist

She’s a socialist too

If you live in cities

With a subway or a zoo

The folks who laboured all their lives

So you don’t smell the poo

Would like to tell you

To wise up, ’cause you’re a Socialist too

Did you drive a car today

Did you ride a bike

Was it on a cow path

Or an asphalt lined turnpike

When you call the Fireman

Old Bill or an Ambulance I ask you

Who do you think pays for it?


That’s who!

All together, now!

REFRAIN… ad lib


  1. Funny how you think consensual paying of taxes = socialism when socialism is the forcible control of such capital by ‘workers’ (under the state)

    Have a house? That’s capital. You’re a capitalist. Your fallacies are exquisitely amusing.


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