The Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count

I realize this brazen call for assistance to save our sisters and brothers in the Pollinator community from the systemic persecution to which they have historically been subjected, will upset some who insist that ‘All Insects Matter’…

But the daily persecution of our Black and Yellow brothers must STOP! We must all come together to fight injustice even though the spider, ant and indeed ourselves; the majestic butterfly that emerges through metamorphosis, or we shall all perish together.

In all seriousness, please join me, scientists from Bumble Bee Watch and Overview-how-bee-count-works-524x1024thousands of other ordinary Canadians in supporting the first Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count from June 1- August 15, 2016. Let’s save the Bumble Bee by participating in the Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count!

Just like governments need a census to know what’s happening with its citizens, their homes, families and jobs, we think bumble bees need their own census. Not enough is known about wild, native bees in Canada. And what scientists do know is worrying.

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