American Supported Military Junta Attempts Coup in Turkey

Erdogan dared to attempt diplomacy and detente with Russia, and this is the inevitable if predictable result. America and the CIA’s fingerprints are all over this knee jerk coup by proxy. As usual, you just have to follow the money and who benefits from the game. The supply of arms, intelligence, military support, logistics and advisors over the last 30 years has bought american influence on the Turkish military brass who will now bark on the command of their real master. It’s a warning to any leader or government that might try to oppose US hegemony and craft their own foreign policy or find a little wiggle room in the New Cold War. Tow the line, or else!

According to The Independent;

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the attempted coup by sections of the military will be put down.

“We will overcome this,” Mr Erdogan said, speaking by mobile phone to the Turkish sister station of CNN. He called on his followers to take to the streets to defend his government and said the coup plotters would pay a heavy price.

The army seized media outlets, including the state-run TRT channel. The channel has broadcast a statement on the orders of the military. An announcer read a statement on the orders of the military that accused the government of eroding the democratic and secular rule of law. The country would be run by a “peace council” that would ensure the safety of the population, the statement said.

According to the ‘United States European Command‘ website, US declared economic and military aid to Turkey amounts to approx. $26 Billion US dollars since 1947!

The present close relationship between the U.S. and Turkey began with the agreement of July 12, 1947, which implemented the Truman Doctrine. As part of the cooperative effort to further Turkish economic and military self-reliance, the United States has loaned and granted Turkey more than $12.5 billion in economic aid and more than $14 billion in military assistance.

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