Lord Warner: Gaza children – trapped in “Groundhog Day of Perpetual Misery”


Two years after Israel’s brutal bombardment of Gaza, the population still suffers under a merciless embargo that has prevented its people from recovering. Lord Warner of the UK House of Lords had this to say of their condition:

UNICEF estimate that at least 373,000 children. nearly half of Gaza’s children, are need specialized psychosocial support. Gaza’s children have been condemned through no fault of their own to a future without hope, a groundhog day of perpetual misery, in an environment that the United Nations has predicted will be uninhabitable by 2020.

So my first question to the minister is does the government accept the UN assessment of the timetable for Gaza becoming uninhabitable and what discussions is it having with the israeli government and the international community about collective action to prevent an impending humanitarian disaster in Gaza, especially for its children?

Excellent question, that very few around the world are asking , let alone answering.


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  1. It’s sad what the people in Gaza are experiencing. The thing is that that instead of trying to find a solution, we blame each other. Sad that innocent people suffer for a disgusting leadership based on corruption and interests.


    • of course, you mean the israeli and the US governments. Palestinians have no government to speak of. A few elected officials with no authority to freely conduct trade or travel to and from the territory cannot fairly be called governing.


      • They have Hamas in Gaza and the PA in the West Bank. The thing is that their leaders are corrupt. Take into consideration that Obama (the leader of the wealthiest nation in the world) is worth 7 million dollars while Abbas is worth 100 million dollars. I’m not sure about their authority power; however, we both know how influential the leaders of these groups are. I don’t think that by blaming one side could give us a solution to the conflict.


  2. I mean Israel and Palestine. They have the PA in the West Bank and Hamas (which is also a terrorist group) in Gaza. I find it interesting that you tell me that they have no authority, I actually don’t have much information about that; however, we both now how much influence they have on their people and the fact that they steal the aid for their benefit. Take an example Abbas, who is worth 100 million dollars! While Obama, the leader of the wealthiest nation in the world, is only worth 20 million. The people in both sides suffer, and most of us want to live in peace, but I don’t think that by blaming just one side to take responsibility is the solution.


    • The bulk of the blame goes where its due. It does not help to deflect it by blaming the other side for corruption that is perpetuated by Israelis. Remember that while Israelis reject Hamas, they approve of Abbas.


  3. I’m blaming both sides: the Palestinian Authority for their corruption and the Israeli government for their interests 🙂
    I also approve of Abbas; although he is corrupt, he still manages the conflict I the most diplomatic way possible.


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