Privatizing has never been so easy – Bye, bye, USPS!

I got a letter the other day that looked like it was from the United States Post Office. It said there were 9 free stamps waiting inside for me. Naturally, I got a little excited at the prospect of getting something useful for free. So I open the envelope expecting to find 9 stamps, only to discover that it was something else entirely.
Nine, larger than usual stamps with American flags on them, were arrayed on a letter size page designed to be fed into a printer. Each had some room to the right of the flag, to print the value of the postage.
I started reading the letter, all the while, assuming it was from the post office. It was enticing. Free delivery confirmation with priority mail, save 50% on postage, receive postage discounts you can’t get at the post office. Then it started to dawn on me – this is not from the post office!
I take a second look at the logo on the letter and lo and behold, it says – an APPROVED LICENSED VENDOR of the United States Postal Service. But instead of just saying it in regular print, they place that little fact in the upper left corner of the letter with United State Postal Service appearing as its logo, to mislead the undiscerning reader (me) into believing it was from the post office, when really it’s from a private vendor.
Who are these people??? How did they become “licensed and approved vendors?” How many palms did they have to grease? Why isn’t the post office automating their services themselves? What will this mean for postal workers?
How clever indeed! Privatizing the post office has been on the agenda for decades now. And it appears to be finally underway. They’re killing two birds with one stone – handing over the entire business to private vendors and and in the process, getting rid of hundreds of thousands of postal workers by incentivizing Americans to do everything themselves – without pay.
The US is finished, people. Done. Finito. The Post Office was the last bastion of freedom in this country. Once it’s taken over by private vendors, nothing remains for the people.


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