Ex-CIA: ‘Delete the Elite’ before the Elite delete humanity

“You are the Paul Revere’s and Patrick Henry’s of our generation. Bottom-up horizontal connection is key. Sharing at all levels —  not top-down control. Public intelligence and influence is about to take off. We’re about to bury ‘ruled by secrecy.’
Civil affairs is the focal point. The Intelligence guys need to go back in their box.
Bloggers, not informants are key. The FBI’s about to try and hire 2000 new informants in  a police style approach to security. That’s idiocy.
If you bloggers self organize and attach yourself like leeches to specific issues – corporations organizations challenges whatever you will be the intelligence minutemen of the century. The power is in your hands. There aren’t enough guns to kill us all and Halliburton can’t build jails fast enough to keep us down.”
“There is absolutely no lack solutions, and there is also no lack of money. What is lacking is the popular political will to exercise our God-given right to be in charge.”
“Your government is stupid, and they’re stupid deliberately. The intelligence community does not do open source information because they like to think that the cabinet departments are doing their open source information. That’s not true.
“The cabinet departments don’t know how to do decision support what they know how to do is take stakeholder interests and turn them into policy that increases budget share.”
“I am absolutely certain that central banks are evil. Central banks are screwing us all
Orwell had it right – we are pigs being harvested for profits.”

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