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Bryan Persaud

A musician, artist, writer and political activist, Bryan wasted 30 years of his life working in Banking, Finance and consulting to government. Born in London, UK Bryans family emigrated to Canada in 1974. As avid student of history, and voracious reader, Bryan brings his in-depth knowledge of the "real world" to the task of taking on the lies and half-truths of our corrupt society.

Glorious news from the Malabar Front! ~ Big Brother winks at us and laughs

It seems to me either there’s a fifth column with an ironic sense of humour within the PTB, or they are collectively sticking their fat tongues out at us mere proles with these “nod, nod, wink, wink” pop culture references like “Malabar”, which they know only a tiny fraction of the dumbed down, outer party members will have sufficient whit and words to comprehend?

The Assassination of Jo Cox ~ Lessons Learned?

By now, the knee-jerk narrative of “loner”, “troubled man with a history of mental health problems” habitually trotted out by the main stream media when white men stand accused of heinous acts of terror, has become as familiar as it is sickening. We all know he would have been immediately denounced as an Islamic Terrorist with the usual hand wringing and ad hominem attacks on the diverse and overwhelmingly peaceful Islamic religion and culture if his name had been ‘Mohammed’, or even vaguely foreign.