Former Goldman Sachs employee: “The Bubble To End All Bubbles Is Coming”

A recent PBS financial column is taking the internet by storm. Trouble is, “The monetary bubble to end all bubbles” is almost entirely banking elite propaganda, with some kernels of truth, penned by none other than a former Goldman Sachs employee. Yet it’s been shared close to 9,000 times, and counting. Either PBS should be ashamed of itself, or those sharing it as if it’s gospel should be.

71% of Americans say economy is rigged

The mainstream media is trying to preserve its position of authority and power in a populist transformation. They see it coming and they want to be credited for it, without adding anything unique or helpful to the conversation.

Only an idiot or a hermit needs the mainstream media to tell them that the overwhelming majority of the people are disillusioned with their governments and the corporations who bought them.

The mainstream media and their pollsters haven’t told us anything we don’t already know. The writing is all over the wall. Brexit is just the beginning. The people of the world are on a roll.