shareHello and Welcome to SHAREverything.com — a site where you can Share anything and Everything with the world.

It’s a collaborative effort by people who care – about each other, about the world and about the planet we inhabit for a short time.

It’s the only logical conclusion to the realization that our planet’s resources are limited as are the hours in our lives.  Therefore, we should not exhaust either by trying to “own” everything we touch.

So, we decided to build a place where we can share, whatever we can, whenever we want, and keep track of it all, transparently, in a way that not only gives us all due credit, but also allows us to continuously improve our shares, by encouraging what works and discouraging what doesn’t. A living, breathing, Sharing Economy.

It’s a work in progress, so it may not be perfect. But it’s a labor of love – for ourselves and each other, and for our children and the planet. It’s in that spirit, we invite you to SHARE!


  1. larouchepac dot com —- can save you time. Also see: archive dot larouchepac dot com/1932 and: larouchepub dot com. Thermonuclear War ahead ????

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  2. 80 people have more wealth than half of the people on the planet.

    Why won’t they share everything?

    It would be great if we could all share everything with everyone just like they’re family. The good family – not Uncle Sam. You can’t trust that guy.

    I am all for Kumbaya, eventually, but imagining no money is hard for me. Money moves mountains.

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  3. For an outside-the-matrix approach to a universal basic income via a new digital currency, please visit this new WGO website: “http://www.i-globals.org” Thanks and keep up the good work on this website. PM


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