Open Source


To help free us from Corporate control of terrible companies like Microsoft, Google (no Android is not OpenSource) and Apple we have to do our part and switch to OpenSource to break the sick system.  Technology could be far better and more reliable than it is.

Don’t buy a new PC, use your existing hardware and switch it to Xubuntu Linux

There are no viruses or spyware.  The firewall is excellent.  There is a mountain of free and OpenSource applications.

You can:

– open and edit your existing Microsoft Office documents

– check and create email with rock solid applications

– browse the web without worry

– use Skype and MSN

– connect to SMB network file servers

– connect to Wifi networks and Bluetooth devices

– Xubuntu has very good free applications for desktop publishing, image editing, sound/video editing


Xubuntu has great hardware support for both new and old hardware.

I was given a new Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows 8.1, it was terribly slow and unusable.  Now with Xubuntu it flies!  All of the hardware is supported.  Yes, Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, video/sound and even the touch screen.

If you have old PC hardware currently running Windows XP, switch it to Xubuntu and you won’t believe how much faster it is

It even installs on Macintosh hardware

Send back your Microsoft EULA and claim back the money too, help sink evil corporations!


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