Triangle of Sin: Greece’s new Fin Min aims to destroy Greek Oligarchy

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.32.12 AMListening to this man speak is like taking a breathe of fresh air after years of suffocating in a cesspool of lies.

It’s clear that he knows exactly what needs to be done as he points to the troika of rent seeking developers, bankrupt bankers, and media moguls who together are strangling his nation.

The question is, will he succeed, which turns in part on whether he survives. I for one hope he does. He is not only a genius, but a man with morals, extremely rare among finance ministers.

Check out the interview here. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Its was the eqvivalence of birds, mulitute of birds, singing their praise to the rising sun in the early morning.
    And as far I could judge, He is aware of the facts, that the wusrt of it, what He sayed is The ugly truth.

    I have been calmed, when it seems that the Greeks, finaly awakens, and anyone that have awaken to lies, even selfimposed ilutions, its a tresh hold to crawl over, but once you have done it, the world is never again the same.
    Its not easy, but nescessery, its called growning up, both individually and collectivly.

    You have all my symapthy, Greeks.


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