“Competition is a Sin!” — John D. Rockefeller


“Competition is a sin.” – John D. Rockefeller


“At the time (1883), Rockefeller and Rothschild were competing as the world’s foremost oil and banking barons. But the two competitors each finally realized that competition was not a good thing. The more oil wells they drilled, the more oil was produced, the more the price of oil per barrel fell. This led a disgruntled John D. Rockefeller to exclaim, “Competition is a sin!”

A solution, therefore, was soon brokered. It was decided that the world’s markets would geographically be carved up, with the two barons, Rockefeller and Rothschild, each having their separate, well-defined shares. Moreover, limits would be put on oil produced globally so as to keep the market price as high as possible. Under this arrangement, both Rothschild and Rockefeller would benefit.”

Those two have made a killing by uniting, at the expense of everyone else.

The rest of humanity will continue to be exploited by those who know better, unless and until we give up the foolish notion that we must compete with one another to survive. In a world that’s united, we can all reap the benefits of monopoly together.


  1. I read this quote in “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. Definitely worth a read, and the words stick in my head in day to day life. I think there is real truth in what he said and can be applied in a positive way.

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