CNN anchor exposes Trump double standards by citing Jewish terrorism

This aired on CNN Live, on December 8, last year, but I for one missed it and it’s sure as heck worth seeing and sharing!

Mind you, she says nothing wrong or offensive against Jews, in general (quite the opposite!), nor does she defend any kind of terrorism or come anywhere near saying what he accuses her of saying in the end.

Just the unvarnished truth, and the inexorable conclusions, but he can’t stand to hear it!

Ashleigh Banfield interviews Jeffrey Lord, Donald Trump supporter, former Ronald Reagan White House administration official, and frequent CNN commentator.

CNN anchor Banfield suggests that Trump is applying a double standard to Muslims. She points out:

“If you supplant the word ‘Jews’ for ‘Muslims’ in a lot of the rhetoric that we’ve had this morning, I think people would find it sort of cringe-worthy and reminiscent of a really ugly time in our history.”

When Lord objects to her statement that Jews have committed terrorist actions, she provides specific examples cited by former TSA Administrator and Deputy Director of the FBI John Pistole:

“From a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in the United States by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League,” Banfield said. “The head of the Jewish Defense league was in jail awaiting trial…accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [US Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.” … “There have been Jewish terrorist attacks. Should we therefore ask no Jews to please apply for a visa?”

Lord responds: “Are you really saying to me that there’s an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world?”

Thanks, to my Facebook friend, Ron Barney, for bringing it to my attention.

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