ALL there is to know about the Las Vegas gunman…believe me.

Okay, here we go, from the UK “Independent”  …

“Paddock, a grandfather from Mesquite, Nevada, is believed to have been firing down at concert-goers from the 32nd floor.

The first photo to eimerge of Stephen Paddock

A Swat team used a controlled explosion to enter the hotel room, where Paddock was found dead, according to a police statement.

Officials believe Paddock killed himself before the officers entered.

At least 10 guns were recovered from the room, where Paddock had been staying since Thursday.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said police had found nothing to suggest a motive for the attack.

When asked during a news conference why the police were not treating the incident as an act of terrorism, he said: “We have to establish what his motivation is first.

“There are motivating factors associated with terrorism other than a distraught person just intending to cause mass casualty. Before we label with that it will be a matter of process.”

Isis later claimed responsibility for the massacre, saying Paddock was “a soldier of the Islamic State” who answered “calls to target coalition countries”.

A statement published by the group’s Amaq propaganda agency – which cannot be independently verified – claimed he “converted to Islam several months ago”.

The wording of the release is similar to other attacks believed to have been inspired, rather than directed, by Isis.

Records show Paddock, who lived in a three-year-old, $396,000 (£297,554) two-bedroom home in a small retirement and golf community in Mesquite, 80 miles north east of Las Vegas near the Arizona state border.

Local media said he had also previously lived in Reno, Nevada, California and Florida.

The suspect’s brother, Eric Paddock, said the family was stunned that the 64-year-old was the suspected gunman.

“He was my brother and it’s like an asteroid fell out of the sky,” he told CNN.

He told CBS his brother had “no religious affiliation, no political affiliation, he just hung out”.

“He’s not an avid gun guy at all. The fact that he had those kind of weapons is just — where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that.

“He’s just a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite, drove down and gambled in Las Vegas. He did stuff. Ate burritos.”

Las Vegas police department confirmed that two off-duty police officers were among those killed.

At least two on-duty officers were also injured. One was in a stable condition after surgery and another sustained minor injuries.

The FBI – including federal crime scene investigators – were assisting the Las Vegas police, Sheriff Lombardo said, adding: “It is going to be a long and tedious investigation.”

He said police had found a 62-year-old female companion of the shooter called Marilou Danley. They had earlier launched a public manhunt for Ms Danley, but said she was no longer a person of interest.”

Now, to recap:

A 64 year old white grandfather with no religious or political affiliation, no military background or affinity for guns, who lived in a brand spanking new $400,000 two bedroom pad and liked to gamble, hang out, and eat burritos, secretly converted to islam and shot up a concert audience from the 32nd floor of a hotel in Vegas, killing 50 and injuring more than 200, to “target coalition countries”

Luckily, he killed himself before police could question him. But they did catch and question his female “companion,” but let her go because she was “no longer of interest.”

This is ALL that we know, folks – believe me! It’s a big, big tragedy.

Never mind the lingering questions about training drills conducted last August in Vegas for just this kind of scenario, or the crazy lady who purportedly ran through the crowd, an hour prior, screaming “you’re all going to die today!” I know, it might have been his companion, but none of that is important.

What’s important is that you continue to do as you’re told, think what they tell you to think and keep saving the money they print for you in their banks for your retirement.

Let’s pray for the victims and remember that truth is always the first casualty.


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