The Tweet of Death – Israel recalls diplomats critical of Netanyahu


At least some Israelis can tell when their PM is out of control. but apparently some tweets are better left unsaid, that is if you want to keep your job, or perhaps your head.

The Israeli ambassador to Switzerland and a diplomat in India have been called home over comments critical of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Among the alleged infractions was a retweet by Ambassador Yigal Caspi, citing criticism of Netanyahu’s accepting a controversial invitation to address the US Congress over Iran’s nuclear policy.

“Every time one thinks Netanyahu has taken the relationship with the White House to the lowest point ever, he manages to take it even lower,” said a tweet by Haaretz newspaper writer Barak Ravid, reposted on Caspi’s private Twitter account before it was closed.

Foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon told AFP that Caspi and Assaf Moran, political counsellor at the embassy in Delhi, had been called home.

“They have been summoned to a hearing in order to check the comments attributed to them on their Twitter accounts.”

Be careful what you tweet. Something as simple as the truth these days can be the tweet of death.

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