Nestle’s permit to pump water expired 25 years ago


It’s outrageous enough that they are “permitted” to suck up so much of the state’s water for profit to begin with, but the fact that the permit expired 25 years ago without any oversight by state agencies, despite routine shortages, is beyond ludicrous.

The lack of regulation here is stunning. The U.S. Forest Service in Southern California just caught wind of the fact Nestlé’s permit to pump water out of a national forest expired over 25 years ago.An investigation by the Desert Sun found that Nestle Waters North America’s permit to transport water across the San Bernardino National Forest expired in 1988. The water is piped across the national forest and loaded on trucks to a plant where it is bottled as Arrowhead 100 percent Mountain Spring Water.

I will never buy bottled water again.

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