70% of Americans support Sanders (but don’t know it)

At first, I wasn’t terribly excited when Bernie Sanders’ announced he would run for president in 2016. But, after listening to him speak over the last couple of days, I realize that he’s the only candidate that I can wholeheartedly support on almost every issue. He’s a former veteran who supports clean energy, wants to rebuild America’s infrastructure, make public higher education free, and create opportunities for 13 million Americans. Show me an American who wouldn’t support that, if only given a decent opportunity to hear him speak.

That’s where you and I come in. Regardless of whether you believe in the political process here in America, the first and most important battle to take back control of our lives begins with the struggle to be heard on the issues that matter to average Americans most – not the issues that our bought-out corporate media constantly shove down our throats.

If the media won’t let Bernie speak about the issues, then like everything else of value to the American people, we must do it ourselves.

Listen to Bernie. You’ll be surprised how much you agree on. Let’s talk about what really matters for America. Pass it on.


  1. Change is the only thing in lfe one can be certain of, as change is occurring in all moments. Human beings have the capacity to direct change in negative or positive manners, to the benefit or detriment of mankind as a whole, and choosing Bernie Sanders is expressing one’s desire for beneficial change to come about in reality.

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  2. My only reservation about Bernie is that he supports bombing ISIS. Hopefully his supporters will establish sufficient grassroots solidarity to cause him to back away from endless war in the Middle East. I honestly can’t see myself voting for a pro-war candidate.

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