How to Spot a Psychopath

Spot a Psychopath

I ran into a brilliant article, written by Duncan MacMann, back in 2016. ¬†For whatever reason, I never got a chance to share it then. I guess there’s a time and a place for everything. But no time is ever better than the present.

Human beings have been domesticated like cattle over millennia by insidious and ruthless predator-parasites who easily walk among us. Their predatory nature has been largely sanitised and camouflaged by centuries of our begrudging tolerance and cowardly acceptance. Almost all of our great institutional ideas have been adjusted, perverted, corrupted and even radically transformed into environments that greatly favour their ways and tactics.

Economics, governance, education, welfare, health, are now little more than facades of their original ideals filled with processes of entrapment, exploitation and frustration of potential that are working solely to empower and enrich the predators who control them.

The post goes on to describe type 1 and type 2 thinking (and behavior), the first of which is how psychopaths operate. In short, Type 1 thinking is a simple, singleminded, egotistical system of operating, evolved and honed over centuries, that represents the most efficient means by which a psychopath can control, dominate, and use everyone and everything around them to advance their own personal interests.

It’s essential reading for anyone who wants to better understand the psychology of how those on top of our grotesque systems of governance view the rest of humanity.

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