Think Negative Thoughts, or Else…


People always tell us to think positive. But rarely if ever do they tell us why, leaving most of us scratching our heads.

So, why is that we should think positive as opposed to thinking negative?

To answer the question we start by acknowledging that there is always something to be positive about, or to put it differently, thankful for.

The question is, what do we focus on? What we have OR what we don’t have? What we want OR what we don’t want? What we need OR what we don’t need?

Thus we arrive at the crux of the matter.

If you constantly think about what you don’t have (bigger house, nicer car, less debt), what you don’t want (to be alone, to be overweight), and what you don’t need (another pair of pants, pair of shoes, etc.) then you will never have time to actually do the things you must do in order to attain the things you need and you want until you eventually have them!

So really it’s not that you should spend all your time thinking positive thoughts, but rather you should not waste all your time being consumed by negative thoughts, or you will have no time left to do something about it.

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